Cannabis Air Quality

Air Quality Consultants for Cannabis Companies

During our work with Cannabis companies we discovered the need to improve Medical Marijuana air quality. An article in the June 2018 issue of Cannabis Business Times indicated that the three biggest challengers for cultivators of cannabis were insect pest/disease prevention /control (40%); increasing yield (28%) and achieving sustainable growing goals/methods (20%). For instance, Powdery Mildew and Botrytis were contaminating the plants which usually had to be destroyed. The problem was airborne transmission of spores resulting in contamination of the entire crop once the mildew started, remaining undetected until too late to treat. AgriFuels investigated hydroxyls as a method to destroy airborne contaminates. During our investigation we discovered a technology called ActivePure® by AERUS co-developed with NASA for use on the US Space Station to control the production of ethylene during cultivation of plants. Ethylene caused the premature ripening of the plants before they could be harvested for food. ActivePure ® technology generates super oxidants Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Hydroxyls (OH-) and Super Oxides (O2-) to destroy bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other environmental contaminants. Very significantly, this technology is completely safe for indoor use for humans, pets and plants and does not produce ozone. The ActivePure® technology has been safely used in hospitals, homes, doctor’s offices and professional sports facilities around the world.

In 2018, we added this capability to help all our customers improve their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) including control of odors, mold, viruses, bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As Air Quality Consultants we now can test our customer locations for indoor air quality and suggest the outstanding air purification tools produced in the US by AERUS. Their technology can be found at